All or Nothing

Angelo smirked as he hugged her from behind, gently blowing on her neck. “I’ve had my eye on you all night…and now you are mine~” He licked her neck slowly, carefully touching her breasts.

Forte blushed extremely red. She didn’t know that Angelo was a horny drunk; she just wanted him drunk. She had suffered through seeing him with multiple women. She knew he never had any luck; so, she thought it was time for her to make the next move. She was tired of waiting. “Angelo-kun…” she moaned softly as he abruptly turned her around and pinned her to the wall.

“I want you…” He stared into her eyes, kissing her on the lips, touching her. He quickly undid the ties of her dress, letting it fall on the floor. “Forte…”



Somehow, this scene was wrong, for some reason.

 But to rewrite it...



“A-Angelo..?”  Forte gasped, leaning back into strong arms as hands came to fondle her breasts from behind. She was still sober, but the alcohol had yet to run into her system.  Her mind was getting confused from all that was suddenly happening on this night. She felt his tongue, raspy from the drink he had earlier, lick along the side of her neck and drawing circles on a sensitive spot he found there.

 However, her mind surrendered.

She had her feelings for the man.


Screw it.


She moaned his name needily into his ear as he pushed her abruptly on the wall, ravishing the bare lines and pale skin of her neck. His hands was undoing the zipper of her dress on her rear, his lips still sucking on spots he found on the juncture of her neck. Forte, on the other hand, was making do of his tie until Angelo rubbed his knee into her groin, giving him a wanton moan. The black velvet dress fell to the ground, giving him a clear view of her red lace bra with matching panties.

 He could feel his pants tightening at the scene before him.

 Forte, this time, decided to play the part of the innocent virgin, in which she was already was.

 “S—Stop staring...d-do you l-like what you see?” she stuttered a bit, a heavy blush spreading across her cheeks. Her statement was full of irony, anyways.

 “Mhm.” Angelo, in his horny dazed state, answered by pressing his lips onto hers, capturing her in surprise with a kiss. Soft, she thought, melting into the kiss and wrapping her arms around him. He dragged his tongue across her lower lip, asking for access. Forte parted her lips for that wet muscle to enter and she mewled in the pleasure of feeling him right there and then.

Sooner or later he dipped his fingers in between her thighs, earning a low, heated gasp from the other. He rubbed his fingers against the dampness of her underwear, smirking at the sounds he was hearing from her. There was a furious tumping in his ribcage that was encouraging him to go further.


And so he did.


He silenced her moans with a rough, harsh kiss as he wrapped her legs around him and bringing her over to the bed and pinning her down. He unclipped the bra that was blocking his sight to the shape and the curve of her chest, which was almost comparable to her mother’s. Angelo brought his tongue to flick over the nubs, earning another erotic gasp from her. He was still rubbing his fingers into her, until he got impatient and pulled them off her.

“A-Angelo-kun...nnh...ah!” Forte moaned loudly, feeling a finger slide into her for the first time. She was a damn virgin, at twenty-one, and she was somewhow ranting about it all over Shiro’s Vindice office. She never tried to glance at porn magazines, but usually hentai manga she found over the internet. She was a close pervert anyways but—“Gods, Angelo...”she arched her back into the sensation that was spreading all over her body, her voice edging with pure ecstasy.

He had another finger in her, and then another, and the pleasure keeps seeping into her nervous system.

But that stopped when he pulled out the fingers inside her.


“The fuck?” She swore, panting a bit and catching her breath.




She opened her mouth to reply, but she moaned, nearly screaming, at his sudden entrance in her not-so virgin hole. He groaned. “So tight...” he purred lightly against Forte’s ear, giving a shudder.

Tears were forming in Forte’s eyes. “I—It hurts—ah!”

“Relax...” he whispered coyly into her ear, despite the soft moan in pain that escaped her lips. Slowly, he began to move, groaning as he thrust in and out of her. When he felt her relax, he started ramming in faster, pounding in harder in her, giving her the pleasure he couldn’t even think of.

He himself was nearing his climax, biting Forte’s shoulder as he rammed squarely into her g-spot, and heard her pleading for more.

Please, Angelo, please...” she gasped, taking more of the subsequent thrusts into her body. He grinned dominantly, licking her ear as if he were a tease.

She stared all too needily in his eyes with her own clouded of lust, and pulled his chin to kiss him again. “More.”


He happily obliged.


Angelo thrusted into the last of their orgasm, cumming hard within her and his essence dripping down her legs. Forte had been reduced into a moaning and panting mess, unsure of whether she would walk the next day.


And Angelo?


He passed out in his drunken stupor.


Who knows what would happen next.  



Somehow, Forte thought of sucking him off the next opportunity she had.


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Subtle Intentions [Chapter 1]

Title: Subtle Intentions

Author: kuronai48

Pairing: None.
Rating: PG
Characters: Original Character, Mukuro Rokudo, Shouichi Irie
Summary: Another original character entering the scene of the mafia, but who is she and what is her reason to be?

The indigo haired woman calmly grasped the sound of her name rolling off the tongue of the other male. Her bloodstained scythe was hung on her shoulder, the blade rasping along her pale skin. A sinister chuckle echoed in the background.

She knelt down and prayed silently in her whims, the other man talked softly on the phone. Her rituals were not ones to be interrupted; the poor soul might just be erased from the base of its existence.  When she had finished, the purple and indigo flames surrounding her body were extinguished by a click of her tongue.  She wiped off the blood on her lower lip with a swift lick, just as she turned around and left for her car.

“Are you tired?” the man beside her asked, the trident in his hands disappearing by a blink. The girl doesn’t respond, instead jumping into the driver’s seat and driving back to a mansion somewhere in Italy.

Later, ten minutes or less, she parked it near the vicinity of the Vongola headquarters, hopping out and walking through the dark forest towards the mansion.  She goes down lower from the surface, returning quietly into her work table.


An impatient silverette knocked on the girl’s door without any conceived reply. Hayato Gokudera briefly tried to control his temper as to not to incur the woman’s wrath once again. He knew that if he had enough patience, or any of it, he wouldn’t have to knock loud on the girl’s door.

“What do you want?” The door finally opened with a sharp twist of the doorknob, the girl only wearing a towel around her body, her chest amiably visible along her cleavage. The silverette felt the heat rushing to his cheeks and downwards at the sight. She was mysteriously beautiful for some reason, deep cobalt blue eyes staring like sapphires at his face.

“The Ninth wants to talk to you.” He calmly declares, earning him a raised eyebrow from the other. Surely, it was the mafia business that he was talking about, and she didn’t move unless paid for. However, the glint in his eyes deemed something of importance.

“Give me a few minutes. I’ll be right there in his office. ” She then closed the door, waving goodbye and rushing off to fix herself. Gokudera left, clicking his tongue and cursing under his breath. That woman reminded him of the person who had just escaped from the Vendicare. He couldn’t bear seeing her that much. Just the plain sight of her ruined his day.

The girl walked out of her room, sporting a black leather jacket over her indigo dress shirt and a pair of khakis tucked inside her knee high boots. Her hair was flowing down her shoulders as she pushed up her wire trimmed glasses with a long, slender finger.  The other Vongola subordinates looked or merely glanced at her in idle respect, the dull but vicious atmosphere she emitted never seemed to falter.

She soon found herself sitting beside the table of the dignified Vongola Nono, to her surprise was not crowded with paperwork but of a single fedora wearing infant who had a straight expression of his face. The old man kindly smiled at her and began.

“We will be sending you back to Japan.” He spoke perfectly and naturally in Japanese, irking her to agree on it. She hadn’t wanted to return to that damned country, as she describes it, because she was already done with business there and no more. “Reborn here is going to come with you and he will be training the Decimo.” Pfft. Decimo? She chuckled eerily under her breath, laughing the same laugh the indigo haired man had been laughing with.


It didn’t finish at that point. She was already done with school. She knew everything from the start. She didn’t have to learn anything more after Nono had filled in the details. She was going to meet with her brother after all, even though much has passed within the cold hour.


[Approximately nine days later, Yumei Private Middle School, Namimori, Japan]

“Boku no namae wa Shouri Rokudo desu. ” Shouri introduced herself politely in class wherein she found a particular redhead whom she knew as Shouichi Irie. She had been sent into another school rather than Namimori Middle School, whereas she wouldn’t bother to create chaos as long she was paid not to do so. She revolved at the world of money, but it came along with a price tag. Shouri turned to take her seat beside the redhead, who seemed to be in a daze looking at her. Snapping her head in his direction, he looked away without sparing a second glance.

She had let the class hours pass without noticing. She resided mostly at the rooftop, playing with the hem of her skirt or observing the people below. She would usually note how her seatmate Shouichi would be harmed or threatened of the guise of homework. Shouri found him to be curiously interesting; she would’ve been mistaken as a stalker upon idly following him on the way home [where her apartment was just only three blocks away from his house.]

Shouri apparently took charge of looking after the Decimo-in-training in between weekends and the times he was with Reborn and doing his homework. Hayato Gokudera soon found her looking at the window watching them, but shrugged it off when she disappeared completely from his sight.

She would take account of the imprisonment of her brother, Mukuro Rokudo and avoided and topic involved with him. To her it was something useless to talk about, secretly hiding the fact that she wanted her older brother out of that damned tank as soon as possible.

This was only one of the realms that this cunning girl took into pertaining chaos in her instincts.

Longing Tears [10051]

Title: Longing Tears

Characters: Byakuran/Shouichi Irie, Spanner
Summary: Shouichi tries to make up a quick gift to the speacial man he missed so much.

Note: Also posted in


“I have—wait. Tomorrow?!” Frantically, Shoichi took a second glance at his calendar.

October 28th. Byakuran’s birthday. How could he possibly forget?

“Shoichi? Are you still there?” Spanner asked calmly at the other line of his phone. He sighed. Shoichi was getting nervous, along with his hand over his stomach that meant more of it.

“Y—Yes, Spanner-san…”

“You better buy him a gift or something. You know how demanding he could be. ”


“Byakuran. Tomorrow’s his birthday right? You wouldn’t want to see him whine or something else.”

Else? Ah yes, our little redhead finally remembered the past year he had with the marshmallow maniac. He had no gift for Byakuran as he was dug with his big pile of work. He was the lone one in his party without a single gift in his hands. However, to pay it back, he had to go through a pretty hard night with the albino in bed and eventually was limping the next day.

He gulped.

“Y—Yes, of course. W—Why wouldn’t I…?” he stuttered, his stomach growling.

“Well, you wouldn’t want that to happen again, right?”

Poor Sho-chan sprawled on the floor.


“I’ll be going. Ja ne.”

“Ja ne, Spanner…”

Shoichi had just cursed Lady Luck. Hurriedly, he dashed to the kitchen and grabbed the ingredients for a simple, homemade chocolate cake from the fridge. He had taught himself how to cook over the years he had been inside his own apartment and that was just because he was living alone.

He himself quite enjoyed the solitude he had in his small home. Surely, he was already working in the Vongola Corporation despite the pleas of his past employer, Byakuran. Shoichi was an engineer, a one of a kind. You could say that through his hardwork and determination, but due to overworking himself got a few absences of fatigue and abdominal pain.

Somehow, his relationship with Byakuran, the CEO of the Millefiore Corporation, never seemed to falter. The white-haired man had been a classmate of his when he was in college and they’d grown close to each other.

Shoichi was whirled about in his thoughts as a click of the door was heard. Unfortunately, he was wearing his headphones, mindlessly listening to his favorite Blood&Peppers album.

His hand stopped mixing the batter he felt an arm wrap itself around his waist.

Oh good God.

The redhead flushed at the sight of his past employer who was hugging him affectionately and quite cutely as the latter was nuzzling his face into the redhead’s neck.


“Ara, Sho-chan’s making something, I see~!” The albino’s eyes wandered over to the mixing bowl. “Er, anou…let me just finish this…” Shoichi stuttered again. Just how the hell did the white devil get in here?

“The door was open~” Byakuran mused in a cheerful tone. Just as Shoichi was having another one of his stomach pains, Byakuran pulled away from him and sat behind the counter. Shoichi came to hide a cute pout as he was already enjoying the warmth the other man was pressing on his back. He continued to bake the cake and waited until it got out smoothly.

Byakuran moved over and held him in his arms again.

“Why do you have to visit me every now and then? You have work, y’know.”

“Mou…why not? It’s fun being with Sho-chan~”

“Demo, your birthday’s tomorrow. Do you even have a party to attend?”

“Well, maybe. Tsunayoshi-kun wants to invite me over.”

“I see…”
“Something wrong, Shoichi…?”

There was a lump in Shuichi’s throat at that very moment. He couldn’t think of anything else to say. He would’ve wanted the man to leave but his heart kept saying no. he knew that he had liked—no, loved the white-haired man ever since that day. Spanner was supporting him from his back, and Shoichi himself could even tell that he missed Byakuran lingering by his side.

He didn’t notice that there were already tears swelling up his cheeks.

“Na, Sho-chan? Why are you crying? Did someone hurt you?” Byakuran asked with a worried look. Shoichi clawed at his shirt, burying his face deep into the other man’s shirt with his tears.

“N—no…i—it’s nothing…” Byakuran wasn’t assured at this. He was sure that something was bothering his little Shoichi.

“Come on, feel free to tell me.”

Shoichi was already wiping his tears at the albino’s shirt. He’d let those words slip his out his mouth for once.

I love you, Byakuran-san.

Byakuran stared, slightly shocked at the trembling figure he clutched in his arms. His lips curled into a smile and kissed the younger male’s forehead.

“I would always know that.” He chuckled.

Shoichi pulled away from him hesitantly and took out the cake from the oven. He started to decorate it as Byakuran watched with an amused expression.

“Happy Birthday, Byakuran-san.”

Shoichi smiled with flushed cheeks at his lover, who in return, leaned forward to kiss him playfully on a pair of soft lips.


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